“La La Land” : Glamour! Nostalgia! Artifice!

La La Land has the distinction of sharing the record for the most Academy Award nominations, fourteen, with Titanic. La La Land swept up at the Golden Globes this year. La La Land is the current favorite to win at this year’s ceremonies as well because of all the other acclaim its swept up. While… Continue reading “La La Land” : Glamour! Nostalgia! Artifice!

Will “Moonlight” Win Best Picture?

A few months ago, as the “Oscar season” of quality films vying for awards hit theaters at the end of the year, I saw a few brief tweets praising the film Moonlight. Among those was one praising the film for ‘giving a voice to queer people of color.” From that description I knew the film… Continue reading Will “Moonlight” Win Best Picture?