“La La Land” : Glamour! Nostalgia! Artifice!

La La Land has the distinction of sharing the record for the most Academy Award nominations, fourteen, with Titanic. La La Land swept up at the Golden Globes this year. La La Land is the current favorite to win at this year’s ceremonies as well because of all the other acclaim its swept up. While… Continue reading “La La Land” : Glamour! Nostalgia! Artifice!

History and its “Hidden Figures”

Hidden Figures is a film dealing with the accomplishments of intelligent women of color and their work with the early days of NASA during a critical era during the struggle for Civil Rights. The title itself has two meanings: one is a reference to the math necessary to successfully launch a manned satellite, the other… Continue reading History and its “Hidden Figures”

What Does “Hacksaw Ridge” Offer?

My ex-wife went through a period during our marriage where she was obsessed with movies about World War II. She always has and still does love war movies, but for a period of several months we must have watched every single movie about World War II that existed, and there are a lot. There were… Continue reading What Does “Hacksaw Ridge” Offer?

Editha – Or How a Century-Old Story Informs Our Times

We live in interesting times… Or so it would seem. In the United States, we have a president that it seems more than half the country hates, this president seems bent on attacking the press, protests erupt across the country on an almost daily basis, people are terrified of the future, the entire political and… Continue reading Editha – Or How a Century-Old Story Informs Our Times

“Arrival” – Actually a Deep Space Nine Episode

Arrival is the Oscar-nominated science fiction film from director Denis Villeneuve (2013’s Prisoners) starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. It’s a fine, fine movie with excellent performances, a compelling story, and its own unique feel. The story is about a linguist (Adams) who works to develop communication between Earth and an alien race. However, as… Continue reading “Arrival” – Actually a Deep Space Nine Episode

Will “Moonlight” Win Best Picture?

A few months ago, as the “Oscar season” of quality films vying for awards hit theaters at the end of the year, I saw a few brief tweets praising the film Moonlight. Among those was one praising the film for ‘giving a voice to queer people of color.” From that description I knew the film… Continue reading Will “Moonlight” Win Best Picture?