“Gone Girl” and Feminism (Part 1)

With March being Women’s History Month, the library at the University put up a display with several different books to commemorate the month. There were biographies of many different great women from history, a few books on feminism, and the novel Gone Girl by Gilliam Flynn. I was familiar with the film adaptation but had… Continue reading “Gone Girl” and Feminism (Part 1)

Editha – Or How a Century-Old Story Informs Our Times

We live in interesting times… Or so it would seem. In the United States, we have a president that it seems more than half the country hates, this president seems bent on attacking the press, protests erupt across the country on an almost daily basis, people are terrified of the future, the entire political and… Continue reading Editha – Or How a Century-Old Story Informs Our Times

“Hence” : How the Media is Destroying Higher Education

Tiffany Martinez, a 21-year-old college senior at Suffolk University in Boston, MA, submitted a sociological research paper for a senior seminar paper.  The professor later returned the paper to her with no grade and a strong accusation of plagiarism.  Martinez denied any plagiarism and filed a complaint with her university’s sociology department.  However, Martinez also… Continue reading “Hence” : How the Media is Destroying Higher Education

Highlighting The Cruel Demand for Representation

Remember the magazine Highlights?  It is difficult not to.  The magazine actually celebrated it’s 70th anniversary this past June.  If you didn’t have a subscription when you were a child, then you probably saw it plenty of times in doctor’s offices and other waiting rooms.  It has, generally, been the same magazine for decades, with the… Continue reading Highlighting The Cruel Demand for Representation

Losing Our Common Sense

If you have ever been a student of history or literature of the United States you have probably heard of the author Thomas Paine.  Hailed as a genius by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine published the pamphlet Common Sense in 1776.  One of the most incendiary and revolutionary pieces ever written, selling over a half a… Continue reading Losing Our Common Sense