Tom Hanks and Lost Clothing

Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors ever.  He’s a fantastic actor and a great human being.

The beauty of a place like Twitter is the ability to see our favorite celebrities as themselves. We get to see their humanity, and the things the enjoy… for FREE!  I mean, it sure beats paying money for some tabloid rag filled with misleading paparazzi shots paired with horrible commentary (“Doesn’t it look like Reese Witherspoon is getting fat?!”). It’s far better to learn about the human behind the “celebrity” label through their own pictures and words and as they highlight the things in their own life that they enjoy or the things that motivate them. A person’s own twitter posts define them as a human being, not just some celebrity held up for public scrutiny. Twitter provides far more humanity for a person than any red carpet interview could possibly hope for. And all this humanity in only 140 characters–truly remarkable.

Tom Hanks is one of those celebrities I really respect and enjoy.   The Tom Hanks of Twitter gives us a human that likes sports; he makes jokes about approaching strangers’ unique cars and saying “Look at my new car,”  a human that likes different historical figures, a human that has their own set of political and social views. No different than any one of us plebs that watches these celebrities on the screen (as we will when Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and Patton Oswalt star in The Circle this Spring). ‘

However, there is an incredibly unique side to Tom Hanks that gives him a personality. That is the Tom Hanks that takes photographs of and comments on lost clothing.  Here are just a few examples of this strange obsession:

All those lost articles of clothing. I don’t think it’s bizarre – it’s just unique. It’s the kind of trait that makes a person the individual that they are. In fact, many of the responses to the above tweets are people sharing their own pictures of lost clothing they have encountered. I don’t know if Tom Hanks or his followers have actually reuinited a lost glove or shoe with its respective owner. However, collecting pictures of all those lost pieces of clothing, that is incredibly unique.  We all describe our friends through the things they do, through the things they like to do: “This is my friend Kyle, he collects old coins,” or “This is my friend Mary, she watches anime.” Likewise, one could say, “This is Tom, he collects pictures of lost clothing.”

I would like to hope that with one of those above posts someone said “OMG, Thank you Tom! You found my lost glove!” And Tom Hanks gave it back.

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