Highlighting The Cruel Demand for Representation

Remember the magazine Highlights?  It is difficult not to.  The magazine actually celebrated it’s 70th anniversary this past June.  If you didn’t have a subscription when you were a child, then you probably saw it plenty of times in doctor’s offices and other waiting rooms.  It has, generally, been the same magazine for decades, with the exact same features.   All the things you remember about Highlights, such as the hidden picture puzzles, the riddles, the little comic strips, all the same today as they were back then.


Yes, they still have this feature too.
Yes, they still have this feature too.

It is important to note that Highlights has changed with the times.  In the 50’s, it was nothing but white kids with white families.  As society changes, Highlights has kept up.  There is a lot of diversity in the magazine nowadays as far as race, blended families, and all kinds of children.

Well, enter the Social Justice Warriors….  This begins with a friendly facebook post to Highlights from a same-sex couple with a one-year-daughter whom subscribes to Highlights Hello, their publication aimed at children 0-2 years of age.


The response from Highlights:


Kristina posed a good question, why isn’t their more LGBT representation in a magazine that prides itself on its diversity?  Highlights responded appropriately, completely understanding their reader’s situation and point-of-view.  The understand the need to include LGBT in their publication and state “Your note is a good reminder of how important it is.”  However, Highlights also understands that it is a very sensitive topic, one not dropped into a publication lightly, “parents are still learning how to approach the subject with their children, even very little ones.”  Their message states that they agree, Highlights does need more LGBT representation, but including that takes a lot of time and thought.  Good for them.

However… here is where things get ridiculous.  Highlights immediately got a ton of hatred over their message.
7high 6high

Of course that’s one of the ones that represents the usual battlecry of the Social Justice Warrior.  “IT IS THE CURRENT YEAR!”


This is only a glance at the hundreds of mean responses they got. I don’t understand where this hatred comes from.  Highlights stated that they agree, there should be LGBT representation in their magazine.  However, the responses received were those of “well you should have already!  Wah!”  It’s the absolute selfishness of SJWs.  I do not believe that these commenters represent the whole of the LGBT community – just a selfish and confused few.  Highlights stated, “yes, we will have LGBT representation,” and then this mass of selfish people demands more now.

Imagine you and your child are out somewhere.  The child tells you, “I would like a candy bar,” so you say, “Sure, we’ll get one from the store on the way home.”  Then your kid begins to throw a giant fit because, no, they want that candy bar NOW!  That is exactly how these people have responded. “I would like LGBT representation.” “Sure, we’ll get some soon.” “NO! WE WANT IT NOW!!!!”  In fact, this sounds like a Goofus & Gallant strip…


Highlights did respond after this unnecessary backlash.


And of course the backlash continues.  Despite the fact that Highlights has promised inclusion, it’s not enough.  People continue to shout: “We don’t care about your other readers and their families! We only care about us!  You are bad!  it is the current year!”

It is dissapointing to see a beloved children’s magazine that has been in publication for 70 years raked across the coals for something like this.  It would be one thing if the said “No, we don’t like LGBT people!” Go ahead and boycott them if they said that.  Instead, they agreed that there needs to be more LGBT representation, and are then hated because “Well you didn’t agree fast enough!”  What kind of double+good newspeak Orwellian bullshit is that?

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